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Versa Tavola Bean Bag - Wildberry Deluxe

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Ambient Lounge® Versa Table - Wildberry

No need for Table manners when you have one of these. Casual but yet extremely stable and stylish, this hybrid furniture can be either be a coffee table, study table or take the top off and use it as a fantastic foot stool accessory to your sofa. The lip of the table is made from special elastic so it grabs and huges the table top in place. Beads evenly distribute to make this a lightweight table that stays steady. Accessorise to please your eyes with the wildberry.

Colour Description:

This fabric is a rich, soft red with just enough brightness to lift it to stand out stylishly without being overbearingly vibrant.

Fabric Composition and description:

660gm weight

This tactile fabric is multi-layered, with the surface micro-square pattern providing the depth that gives this superb comfort.


  • Premium Red Fabric
  • Funnelweb Compatibility
  • YKK Safety Locking Zip
  • Elastic Table Rim System